Fourth year of ecology fieldwork in the Colchic forest

For the fourth year, we are conducting fieldwork in the temperate rainforest of NE Turkey and the Republic of Georgia. We will expand our network of forest plots and continue dendroecological research. 

Last summer, we investigated several high elevation old-growth beech forests. Some of those trees are likely over 500 yr old (over 450 rings crossdated). The beauty of these unspoiled broadleaf forests is hard to discribe. It’s not the typical landscape that would to mind to most people when one mentions Turkey. The almost perpetual fog or cloud cover and the warm air allow sensing the proximity of the Black Sea and the moisture it brings to these mountains. Interestingly, not far from these rainforests, valleys on the leeward side of the mountains are dominated by more drought-tolerant conifer species. As one of my assistants from ETH Zurich described it: ‘it’s like going from Costa Rica to the Rockies in 20 minutes”.  

This year we will continue with that work, expand to lower elevations and increase the amount of species sampled.

In the field, we will have colleagues from Shota Rustaveli State University in Georgia, from Neil Pederson‘s team at Harvard Forest, and from Izmir University in Mediterranean Turkey. 



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